Do I have enough Money to pay my Bills?

When is this Bill Due?  Have I already paid it?


If these are questions that you ask yourself with it's time to pay bills, then give Affordable Bookkeeping a call and let us take away the stress.  If you need a glass a wine while you pay bills, then you need Affordable Bookkeeping.


Who Uses a Personal Bookkeeper?


  • Busy Moms and Dads
  • Busy Business Owner
  • Adult Children Caring for An Elderly Parent
  • People who just do not like to pay bills and reconcile their bank accounts


How Does It Work?


  • It is very easy!
  • You will meet with us on a monthly basis
  •  You give us your bank and credit card statements
  • We discuss any bills that need to be paid
  • Then We do the Rest!


How Much Does it Cost?


  • It is very affordable!
  • Price Depends on Your Needs
  • Call for a Free Consultation today!

Phone: 281-889-1750

Fax:  281-786-2118